You can find explanations on all important topics concerning preordering food here.
In First and Business Class on outbound intercontinental flights you can select your complimentary main meal. In Economy Class on inbound and outbound flights with buy-on-board service, you can pre-order products from the menu.
Only fresh food from the Economy Class buy-on-board menu will be available for pre-order. Beverages and ambient snacks cannot be pre-ordered. In First and Business Class on intercontinental flights, you can select your favorite option only for the main meal (Hot Meal) of the first service on board.
You can pre-order products for your Lufthansa or SWISS Economy Europe flight during four weeks and up to 36 hours before departure. For Austrian Airlines flights pre-ordering is possible until 48 hours before departure. On SWISS First and Business Intercontinental flights, you can even pre-order your meal between six weeks to 24 hours before departure.
You only need to enter your first name, last name and booking reference number or ticket number in order to find out which of your flights are eligible for pre-ordering. Afterwards, you may select a flight and choose from the available products.
In Economy Class on continental flights, you may pre-order up to five products. In First and Business Class on intercontinental flights, you can only make one choice for the main meal (Hot Meal) of the first service on board.
In Economy class, you can pre-order up to five products to share with your travel companions until the overall order limitations for a flight have been reached. In First and Business Class, you have to select a meal for your travel companions individually.
You will receive a confirmation via e-mail.
You will receive your pre-ordered products during the regular service on board.
You can of course purchase more products like drinks together with your pre-ordered products on board so that special offers / packages can be taken into account during the payment process.
You will pay during the in-flight service on board. The payment process is cashless and contactless. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro as well as mobile payment solutions (Apple and Google Pay). We do not accept cash.
The selected main dish is included in the ticket fare and no additional costs apply.

Special Meals are not available in Economy Class on continental flights, so they also cannot be pre-ordered. However, the buy-on-board menu comprises products that cater for various dietary needs like vegetarian, gluten-free and more.

First and Business Class Special Meals on intercontinental flights have to be ordered during the booking process. Otherwise please refer to the service center. In case you have ordered a special meal, you will not receive any meal you pre-select on this site.

There are a variety of reasons why you can’t pre-order products for a flight. The most common ones are:

  • The flight is not operated by Austrian Airlines,Lufthansa or Lufthansa Cityline, SWISS Airlines or its partner airlines Helvetic Airlines, Air Baltic or Edelweiss with an LX flight number.

  • Certain SWISS destinations are not part of the offer e.g. Tel Aviv.

  • Pre-orders are not possible for Austrian Airlines flights with a flight time of more than 180 minutes. On these flights, a meal is already included in your ticket.

  • Pre-orders are not possible for Austrian Holiday flights. On these flights, one meal is already included in your ticket.

  • The pre-order period has not yet started or has already expired.

  • The maximum load quantity has already been reached on a flight, so no additional products can be ordered.

Yes, you can still purchase many products on board, depending on their availability. However, we recommend that you select your preferred meal in advance to ensure that your desired product is on board.
In case of rebooking we cannot guarantee that you will still receive your initially pre-ordered products. However, you can still purchase buy-on-board products in Economy Class on continental flights depending on availability. Furthermore, if no later than 36 hours before your flight, you are able to place a new order for your new flight and can cancel your old reservation. In First and Business Class on intercontinental flights, you will always receive a main meal from the menu.

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