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Almost one in four children worldwide suffers from hunger. In developing countries, around 16 million children under the age of five are severely underweight. Take the opportunity and support the help alliance on board with a donation dedicated to Children's Nutrition. Donate for food packages and receive a certificate of donation. The donated food packages will benefit projects like "Street Smart" in Dehradun, India.

This project aims to provide street and slum children with a learning and education center so that they can later enter the modern job market. Good education is only possible if children are wellfed and healthy. Your donation and commitment will help a child attending the school receive a healthy meal, allowing for better concentration and more focused learning. Please be aware that no donation receipt will be issued for this donation.

Unfortunately this product can not be pre-ordered, it can only be purchased on board against Euro.

NEW - help alliance gGmbH - Donation for nutrition package of €40

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